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Quinn's Bakery and Cafe

At a recent local estate sale, a group of Plainsman Museum supporters pitched in to purchase this beautiful piece of Hamilton County History - the light from the Quinn Bakery and Cafe.

In 1892, Frank E. Quinn established the business and in 1906 opened at the recently constructed facilities at 1216 L Street on the south side of the Aurora square.

1892 was a big year for Frank, as he also married Miss Minnie R. Sauls. They had five children: John (who helped run the business and later took ownership (see photo below), Helen, Harold, Margaret, and Edwin. A well respected town leader, he was elected to the office of mayor in 1918, following four years' service as a member of the city council.

Come to the Plainsman Museum and visit the Drug Store on the Boardwalk to see this lovely piece of history for yourself!

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