Journey through Hamilton County's pioneer history by touring our various exhibits - all indoors! All five buildings are located on our 6-acre campus.


Main Building

Housed in the Plainsman Museum's main building is the rotunda, sod house, log cabin, historical main street boardwalk and our military exhibit. Seasonal, special and rotating exhibits are also featured here throughout the year.

Wesley Huenefeld

Agricultural Museum

The Wesley Huenefeld Agricultural Museum houses our historical agricultural equipment, antique cars, historical homestead and workshop. The exhibit hall is currently under renovation and will not be open to the public until later this year (2021).

Photos coming soon!

Bates House

Our lovely Victorian house built by Gen. Delevan Bates in the 1870's. This exhibit is currently under renovation, and will not be open to the public until later this year (2021).

Photos coming soon!

One Room Schoolhouse

Our one room schoolhouse - also known as District 66 Fairview School - was in use from 1874 - 1954. The school was donated to the museum and moved to our grounds in 1986, and has been used to educate the public ever since.

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DAY ON THE FARM - Blacksmith.jpeg

Blacksmith Shop

Originally owned by William Grieser of Hampton, NE, our blacksmith shop not only displays an authentic pioneer smithy, but is also fully operational for demonstrations.

Burlington Northern Caboose

Donated to the museum by Burlington Northern in 2003, the caboose is located on the south side of the Agricultural Building. The caboose was moved to the museum grounds in 2004, and was restored in 2006.