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Want to help support the mission of the Plainsman Museum? Explore below to learn about some of the ways you can help us continue our "journey through yesterday"!

Thank You For Your Generous Support!

Monetary Donation
Monetary Donation

Monetary gifts go a long way to help the Plainsman Museum continue its mission to preserve Hamilton County's history. As a not-for-profit organization, monies raised through donations go to supporting the staff and volunteers who work hard every day to preserve our history, and to cover necessary expenses for the maintenance of our expansive archives and artifacts.

Donate by Mail

To make a monetary donation by mail, you may send a check or money order to:

Plainsman Museum

210 16th St.

Aurora, NE 68818

All checks and money orders are to be made out to: Plainsman Museum, 210 16th St., Aurora, NE 68818

Donate Online

To make an online monetary donation to the Plainsman Museum, click the PayPal icon below:


Want your monetary donation to go towards a membership? Click here to view our membership benefits and select the one that's right for you!:

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Ever since the beginning, the Plainsman Museum has depended in its volunteers to help tell our story and preserve our history. We've been so privileged over the years to have such amazing volunteers from so many walks of life give their time and talents, and we would love for you to join our team!

We are also open to arranging for students to come and volunteer with us for community service hours.

* Background checks will be carried out for all volunteer applicants.

If you would like to volunteer with us, contact our Executive Director at:

Phone: 402-694-6531


Or visit with us on location at:

Plainsman Museum

210 16th St.

Aurora, NE 68818

Estate Shares & Charitable Bequests
Estate Shares & Charitable Bequests

One of the ways to support the preservation of the history of Hamilton County is to include a provision in your will that a share of your estate will be distributed to The Plainsman Museum and the Hamilton County Historical Society. Instead of a will, you may have planned your estate through a revocable trust. A transfer to the museum and historical society from your trust will bring you the same tax and planning benefits as a bequest from a will. This gift may be made directly to the historical society’s endowment fund, or you may wish to set up a Charitable Bequest with the Hamilton Community Foundation.


“The mission of the Hamilton Community Foundation is to meet the charitable and humanitarian needs of Hamilton County today and for generations to come.” The Hamilton Community Foundation is partnering with the museum to help plan and administer your contribution of funds, large or small, to benefit our mission to preserve and maintain our county’s history.  All contributions have potential income tax as well as estate and gift tax incentives. For more information you can visit their website,, or call 402-694-3200.

The Plainsman Museum began as a grassroots effort to create a place where local history could be interpreted through exhibits and educational programming. Since July 4, 1976 the staff, volunteers and board members have made it their mission to keep the stories of Hamilton County alive. Now, forty-five years later, we continue to embrace this vision as we work to ensure that our contribution to the life of the community is here for future generations to explore and enjoy.

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Did you enjoy your visit to the Plainsman Museum? Were you pleased with the response for a research request? What did you like about our exhibits, and/or what can we improve upon for the future?


Select any of the review forums below, and help support the Plainsman Museum by letting us and others know about your "journey through yesterday" experience!

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