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Grandmother's Wedding Dress

As our executive director, Tina Larson, always says, "They aren't objects. They are stories."

So when Millard Carnes and his wife Jan, from Plattsmouth, NE, stopped in to see the museum last Tuesday, we were delighted to hear that his grandmother's wedding dress was in the Peterson Clothing store on our boardwalk.

And from our photo collection we were able to locate the 1911 wedding photos (above) of Edgar and Erma Gorham, Mr. Carnes grandparents, who resided in Aurora and farmed.

And as always, there's more to the story... Millard Carnes lived with his family in Aurora - his father was part owner of a service station here - until he was about 5 years old and his family moved to Chapman, NE.

We'd love to hear your stories about the items in our collection, too. Stop by any Tuesday through Saturday, 9-4, and tell us how you connect to Hamilton County history!

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