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Aeolian: Music of the wind

Aeolian Orchestra, Aurora Nebraska

Aeolian: things related to Aeolus, the Greek god of wind.

The Aeolian Orchestra of Aurora was organized in the fall of 1917, and directed by Mrs. Bernice Marvel until 1928. It continued for a few years without her. They played for home church affairs and also presented concerts at York christian Church, Giltner Christian Church, Giltner Opera House and over KMMJ Radio. Majority of members belonged to the First Christian Church. Manager of the group was Mrs. C.L. McConaughey.


Front Row L-R

Eva Bute

Alma (Condon) Thornton

Ethel (Bute) Warren

Ray Lashelle

Ruby Kimball

Sterling Bute

Mary Ellen (Edgerton) Pogue


Chester Beins

Edward Brandt

Cecil Jacobs

Mrs. Bernice Marvel, Director

Nora Lyons

Ray Thronton

Florence Bute

Claire Weekly

Marguerite Baird

Other members of the orchestra beside those named in the picture were: Harold Larson, Lucille Austin, Macel O’Brein, Floyd Wright, Mark Eskildsen, Harold Edgerton, Carl Davidson, Wallace Mumford, Harold Baird, Edwin Newton, Edwin Tuepker, Fred Elder, Fay dobbs, George McDougal.

Seated front:

Marguerite (Hutsell) Sims

Picture given by Cecil Jacobs

Program given by Eva Bute

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