10 Steps To A Perfect Date

Museums are the best first date spots ever. Inexpensive, and halls lined with conversation starters. Museums give you a chance to meander without feeling overwhelmed or rushed. It's a perfectly dreamy way to get to know someone.

Time travel is cool, right? Take a deep breath, casually suggest to the guy/gal of your dreams that a leisurely stroll through yesterday at The Plainsman on Saturday afternoon might be fun. Then follow this guide to a perfect first date.

10 Steps to a Perfect First Date:

  1. Start in the rotunda and talk about your friends as you take in their artwork at the April AHS Art Show in the rotunda.

  2. Trade stories about people and places you’ll recognize as you meander (hand in hand?) down the boardwalk.

  3. Don’t rush. Wander down the corridors and make up stories about the weird old canes like your great- grandpa once used.

  4. Pretend you are in a horror film as you creep down the Hall of Dolls.

  5. Sell yourself tickets to the show at the Mazda Theatre Box Office - then pretend to watch "The Lego Batman Movie."

  6. If you’re one of those people who loves to impress, go to the Exhibits page on this web site and scroll down to the Gallery. Pick out something that looks interesting to you, maybe an old clock, and do a little internet research on old clocks. Then, when you happen upon the Clock Store on the boardwalk , you can say (in a surprised and delighted tone), “Ah! A Grandfather Clock - do you know why they are called Grandfather Clocks? No? Well, I'll tell you!” (here's a link with answers to that question) - your date will be very impressed.

  7. Go on a scavenger hunt for the security cameras. (Hint: there's more than one)

  8. Take a selfie in front of the saloon.

  9. A very simple “do you like it?” can be a great starting off point for date conversations. If you find yourself wandering the hallway, looking at the artifacts, but talking about something completely different, that’s perfectly ok, too.

  10. When you have completed the circuit through yesterday - take your date out for ice cream. Because...ice cream.

The bottom line is, it’s quiet, there are a lot of unexpected treasures to talk about, and it costs hardly anything. It's a perfect first date. So what are you waiting for?

(adapted from http://www.thedatereport.com/dating/date-ideas/610-how-to-plan-a-museum-date-10-tips/)

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