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The following is a list of some of the resources that are available for research at the Plainsman. 

For assistance in researching a particular family, place, or event, please contact the Museum .

Hamilton County Newspapers 1878-1994 

Hamilton County Plat Books 1888-1999 

History of Hamilton and Clay Counties 
Volumes 1 and 2 - published 1923 

History of Nebraska - published 1888 

Telephone Books 1905-2005 

Residential and Business Directories
Sun Directories for 1890 and 1898 

Cemetery Indexes from all Hamilton County 
Cemeteries (headstone readings only)

Memorial Folders from Aurora funeral parlors 1891-2002 

Obituaries 1983-Present 

Some Death Records and other related documents 

Organizational Records and Texts including: 
Royal Highlanders, G.A.R., W.R.C., 
Women's Club/19th Century Club, Masons, W.C.T.U., 
Knights of Pythias 
Some School and Church Information including 
cookbooks, yearbooks, school texts, bibles 
Military Information including G.A.R., W.R.C., 
Stars of Gold, World War I, World War II
Other resources including legal documents and 
texts, dictionaries, catalogs, County 
Extension Agent Materials, 
political documents, ethnic resources and 

The Museum does provide genealogical services for $25 per hour and ten cents per copy.


The genealogy services provided by the Museum include not only using the Museum's artifacts and resources, but also (depending on the request) traveling to the Hamilton County Courthouse; calling area libraries, cemeteries, and genealogical societies; working with the Higby-McQuiston Mortuary and Solt Funeral Home; and Alice M. Farr Library. 

Other genealogical services for Hamilton County are provided by: 
Alice M. Farr Library afl@hamilton.net and 
Higby-McQuiston Mortuary www.higbymortuary.com 

If you will be visiting the Plainsman and would like to conduct research using our collections, please call or write ahead, so that the staff can gather materials and have them set aside for you. 

Notice: Due to unauthorized use of the cemetary information, the Plainsman Museum will no longer copy complete cemetery listings for any Hamilton county cemetery.